Nola Darling struggles to lớn stay true lớn herself và her dreams while juggling three lovers in this Spike Lee series based on his breakout film.Quý khách hàng đang xem: Spike Lee Phyên Và Chương thơm Trình Truyền Hình


Brooklyn artist Nola lays down her philosophy on sex & freedom between visits from her three lovers: thoughtful Jamie, playful Mars and cocky Greer.

Bạn đang xem: Spike lee phim và chương trình truyền hình

Bạn đang xem: Spike lee phim và lịch trình truyền hình

While Nola works through the aftermath of a disturbing encounter, her friend Shemekka considers changing her body to boost her earning potential.

After a setback, Nola tries to regain her power & confidence with help from a little blaông chồng dress. But the effect isn’t what she hoped.

Fed up with the toxic energy in her life, Nola embarks on a man cleanse. That doesn’t mean her lovin’ bed is empty, though.

Nola faces challenges at her new teaching job, Jamie learns his son has made a startling viral Clip, & Shemekka takes a decisive sầu step.

Emotions run high as Nola prepares for her art opening — & her men realize they aren’t invited to the big night. Shemekka makes her nhảy debut.

Greer decides it’s time lớn break the rules. Meanwhile, Nola stews over a Đánh Giá from a critic, and Jamie slips inlớn a confusing spiral.

Nola veers between joy and panic when two sudden changes of fortune leave her scrambling lớn cover her bills. Jamie turns to lớn an old friover for help.

Amid rising tensions in the neighborhood, Nola tries lớn channel all her energy inlớn her art. But she soon finds herself thrust into the spotlight.

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As summer comes khổng lồ Brooklyn, Nola gears up for new creative challenges & next-cấp độ relationship bliss. But things don’t turn out quite as she hoped.

Eighteen months later, as Nola navigates a committed relationship with Opal, Mars finds himself out of work and in need of a place lớn crash.

Amid rising tensions with Opal, Nola weighs an offer lớn use her street art in an ad chiến dịch và has an unsettling run-in at Skylar’s school.

Feeling raw, Nola cleans house and goes bachồng to therapy. Meanwhile, Shemekka returns to the motel where she got her injections.

In Martha’s Vineyard, Nola gets a chance to learn from artists lượt thích Carrie Mae Weems and Amy Sherald. But an unwelcome surprise throws her off her game.

As Brooklyn celebrates Prince at the Purple People Party, Nola snaps portraits for earWave sầu. Septima rehearses a play with George C. Wolfe.

Clorindomain authority contends with mounting pressure from Danton và thắm thiết tensions with Mars. Skylar confronts Nola about her relationship with Jamie.

Nola, Mars, Shemekka & Winny take an eye-opening trip to San Juan, Puerto Riteo, to lớn deliver money for hurricane relief efforts.

Friends, former lovers and fellow artists turn out for Nola’s first solo show, where a provocative sầu new piece stirs up strong emotions.

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