Monster strike

The Angelic Guard, who Điện thoại tư vấn the heavens their trang chính, have sầu been tasked with collecting the orbs scattered across the world. Lucifer—a leader of the Angelic Guard with a rebellious streak, said khổng lồ wield power rivaling the Almighty—carries out her duty along with Uriel, also a leader of the guard. Together, they go about executing their mission, until...

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TagsActionFantasyMonstersShortsViolenceBased on a di động GameMonster Strike the Movie 2: Sora no KanataMovie (1 ep)Orange2018

When one part of Tokyo broke off & began khổng lồ float in the sky. Tokyo was separated inkhổng lồ "Old Tokyo" as the part that was floating in the air, and "New Tokyo," the part that stayed on the ground. Communication and interaction between the two Tokyos was impossible, and years passed. One day, a young girl perceives that Old Tokyo will fall baông xã down to the ground, và she sets out on the perilous path from from Old Tokyo to New Tokyo to lớn save sầu the citizens from the impending crisis.

TagsActionFantasyMonstersBased on a sản phẩm điện thoại GameTales of Crestoria: The Wake of SinTV Special (1 ep)Kamikaze Douga2020

The World called it a Sin. Yasutaka Nakata and Kamikaze Douga team up once again in a new collaboration. Together, they portray a beautiful re-imagining of the main characters embarking on their journey, the prologue to TALES OF CRESTORIA"s main story. Experience the game"s uniquely depicted world in this superbly rendered 3 chiều animation. Witness the tale of those who phối out on a journey in the wake of sin.

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TagsActionFantasyBased on a Mobile GameBillie Eilish: you should see me in a crownMusic Video (1 ep)2019

The official music video clip for you should see me in a crown from the album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEPhường, WHERE DO WE GO?, by Billie Eilish.

The game depicts a peaceful world wracked by giant devastating whirlwinds. The player control boys and girls who became Soul Workers and wage battles against mysterious monsters for the fate of the world.

TagsActionFantasyMonstersShort EpisodesBased on a Video GameIngress the AnimationWeb (11 eps)Craftar2018

CERN has discovered a new kind of matter, dubbed eXotic Matter (XM) that can affect the human psybịt. Researching XM is the Hulong Group, a company that on the outside appears khổng lồ be merely a scientific organization but is actually invested in controlling XM and theoretically, other humans. Researcher Sarah Coppola has mysterious abilities and attempts to lớn blow the whistle on the operation but is captured, but not before the incident turns deadly.Freelance psychic investigator Makoto lớn Midorikawa can see memories belonging lớn objects. He touches the comatose Sarah"s ring và gets his first clue about what happened within Hulong HQ. Makolớn is quickly dragged into globe-trekking war for power when he teams up with Sarah và a bodyguard named Jack.

TagsActionMysterySci FiViolenceBased on a Mobile GameMegivị 72: Nagaki Sen Tabi no Katawara deWeb (5+ eps)V-sign2019 - ?

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