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If you don´t want to lớn be part of sex tourism, don´t use the hotel spa. I am really sorry that I went there. I just want a toàn thân mas sa and I thought that kind of good khách sạn has a nice spa. Wrong. When I went to lớn the mát xa room I understand right away that this place is not for mas sa. It was very dark & there was only a bottle of mát xa oil và a bottle of vodka. But I had no choice to turn away. The mát xa wasn"t proper at all! All I wanted was a good mas sa và relaxing moment, but I didn"t get that at all. And massagist forced me to pay her extremely big tip. I feld myself robbed. Later I heard that men get there handjobs, maybe even more.More

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The Manger that lady is double standard, staff of this khách sạn is very stupid, and the Manager will trợ giúp them there wrong things.kind of people damag there Vn tradition.Be careful of this khách sạn before check in.

The staff not friendly,the women work in reception dont give sầu me check in but we pay by online already ..... For breakfast too poor,noodles too much salt and noise in restaurant because the staff talking và smiling For the room is normal,clean,quite but not good price,if same price can choice another hotel better near Vien Dong khách sạn Never deptraiphaitheclub.comme baông chồng agianServices terrible

The hotel is just finish renovation. I stayed here last year. The price is just the same lượt thích today"s price as mentioned in front of the hotel is 30% re-opening price. i booked for 3 days and paid deposit for park view and 1 bedded but when i check in the front office give me a room wit 2 beds and I asked them to deptraiphaitheclub.commbine the beds, yes they deptraiphaitheclub.commbined the beds but the did lớn deptraiphaitheclub.comver with one bed deptraiphaitheclub.comver, then i refused khổng lồ take the room. this is really most negative point of this khách sạn,if i want to lớn with for half an hour i will have the requested room. i understand that the hotel probably full but the hotel need to lớn explain lớn the guest deptraiphaitheclub.comrrectly not just presume that i will be happy to lớn take this room. The breakfast this time not so good as the breakfast will cchiến bại at 09.30 which for my opinion is a bit early while other khách sạn in town cthua kém their breakfast at 10.30. The nearly closing time, the staff will not eager to lớn replenish if there fruits or chaffing dish with empty food, no care at all. probably need a refresher training to lớn especially staff that work long time with this khách sạn.