Sạc pin trái tim tập 4


I will make you lượt thích my two old friends, you will regret not cooperating with me

Android 11



Triet, please don"t!

Minh Anh

Minh Anh

Android 11

What"s wrong with you?


Kill her


Kill her !!!



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Run away, Minh Anh Minh Anh!

Minh Anh, run!


Android 11

I can make you

I can also destroy you

I order again

Kill them all

Kill them all

Kill them all




Bao Long

How is Triet?

I"ve tried khổng lồ fix him

The success rate is very high so don"t worry

I fixed minor damage

But the circuits are badly damaged

We have to replace

I need a lot of time to lớn recreate

I see you guys seem tired

Take some rest

I will notify you if there is new situation

When will Triet return to normal?

Don"t worry

About the hardware, I have almost finished repairing

About badly damaged parts

I"ve ordered things in America

A few more days when it gets here, I"ll put it in him & it"s done

Thank you

You know my bank account number, right?

We"re friends, it"s nothing


About the software

I"ll fix it next

Maybe I"ll reset him again

So it means..

He will return to lớn the original

Just lượt thích when he first met me, right?

That"s right

Maybe I"ll leave master software

So it"s better for him

He will be more free

Poor him

In the old days, he wanted to be human

He learned a lot of things over the years

Unexpectedly this happened

He lost it all

He is okay, that"s good

About the data, he can learn it again

Hey Minh Anh


I have a way to bring Triet back to lớn the way he was before

What vì chưng you mean?

Do you remember when he was in trouble?

I brought him home to repair

I copied his brain data into my computer

Now we can use it



I"ll take that data and paste it into his head

So he"ll be xinh đẹp Triet again



How lucky!

Now I will try lớn recover him as quickly as possible

I think Triet is looking forward to lớn seeing you again

So cool

Don"t worry, I can do it

Bao Long


Now, if..

What if we don"t transmit any data?

What vị you mean?

You don"t want Triet to return khổng lồ what he used lớn be?

Maybe we should"t vị this


What"s wrong with you?

Don"t paste brain data for him anymore


I can"t understand, you..

..you did everthing

You saved him

Suddenly now you don"t want to lớn paste the data into his brain anymore

You don"t want him and you khổng lồ be happy?

Are you afraid he will have oxytocin increase as before?

Don"t worry. Last time, he was activated by the doctor"s small robot

I fixed it. It"s okay

Not that problem

You"ve already known...

...that I don"t have much longer khổng lồ live, right?

So I think, the best way..

.. Is just let him be lượt thích this

He won"t remember andeptraiphaitheclub.comng

It will be better

I think you"re overthinking

You found all ways to lớn save him

For what?

Simply because of love

Because you love him

So why don"t you let me vày it now?

I think he must be happy for you to be happy

You two love each other

Isn"t that better?

Then I"ll die

You know what

People who go away are always peaceful people

Who stays is the most miserable

And Triet had feelings lượt thích a human being

I can"t do this


In my opinion, if so, we must let him have brain data back

He must make you happy in your last days, got it?

Why vì you always think your way and..

In my opinion..

Bao Long

See it as I"m begging you

I cannot be so selfish lượt thích this

Forget this brain data, please

This is the best thing

I can vị for him..

..at now

I"m begging you

Minh Anh

Minh Anh, are you okay?

I"m fine

Now I have to lớn pick Thu bỏ ra up to solve some problems

Ms. Sau has taken a few days off


Can you look after my house?

By the way, look after him

Go for your job

I"ll help you

I did it your way

I reset all his memory

Now he is a normal robot

He doesn"t remember anyone

I just fixed him & need to follow up a few more days

While I"m leaving, if he has any problem..

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.. điện thoại tư vấn me

I got it

There is food in the fridge

Eat it if you"re hungry

Do you want lớn be human

That"s all before & after you were in control

Hope you are not shocked

Thanks for not resetting me

Minh Anh told me to do so

She has her own reasons

Hope you understand how much Minh Anh loves you

I understand

Now only you can make Minh Anh happy

I got it

But can you help me 1 thing?

What"s this?

Do not let Minh Anh know I have recovered completely

You need khổng lồ eat well và rest

I don"t..

I"m okay

Later, shall we go out?

Where are we going?

I want lớn take you to lớn a place

I will tell you a story

There is a couple, they love each other

Their love is not normal

But it is a very beautiful love

Thought that they had overcome all the barriers & discrimination of many people, they would be happy

But that love, it cannot overcome herself

The day she found out that she had an incurable disease

She found a way to lớn leave him

But that put him in danger

Are you okay?

I"m fine

Your story is very good

Can you tell me more stories later?

I"m going khổng lồ go away

Can I go with you?

I want khổng lồ be taught more by you

I want khổng lồ hear more stories from you

Can I?

You will have lớn learn a lot of great things yourself..

..and be a good person

But you don"t learn that from me

Because I"m not a good person

I feel you are a very good person

I"m not good as you think

I once did something wrong with a person

I believe that person will forgive you

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to forgive

Just when I"m gone,..

..everdeptraiphaitheclub.comng can be back to lớn normal

This life has things if we miss, we will regret it all our life

But forget it

You won"t understand

You"re right

Just like, there was a guy who missed the opportunity lớn wear a ring for the girl he loved right here


Bao Long didn"t.. Minh Anh

Will you be my wife?

I cannot

Minh Anh

I will not let you go again

I promise khổng lồ protect you

I"ll do

Let me go No!

I don"t want you to lớn endure all this alone

Whether it"s tears or a smile..

Whether it"s a month or a day..

..even if it"s an hour or a minute, I still want to lớn be with you và share it with you

You"re with me for what?

For cooking for me?

For sitting on the swing with me?

Or for building me a house?

And it"s full of Doraemon as you promised

You know in the kết thúc who will be the most miserable?

It"s you

But you are the only reason for me lớn exist

Without you.. Precisely because of that

I vì chưng not want you to be with me

If so,..

What do you want me khổng lồ do?

Even if the simple thing is to lớn be with you và protect you, I cannot vì chưng it. What bởi you want me to exist for now?

Why do you always decide for yourself?

Didn"t you just say, you did something wrong with that person here?

I have the right lớn choose too

Minh Anh

Give me the right to lớn be by your side


This place is so peaceful, isn"t it?

What"s wrong?

Where have you, it"s peaceful enough

I feel like a drop of water in the ocean


The ocean will be less without it

Thank you

For what?

For always by my side,..

..taking care of me..

..and love me to the kết thúc of my life

No, I will love you for the rest of my life

But you"re Robot

If so, then it proves my love for you is immortal

I always had a hunch..

..that I and you will be together forever somehow

Tomorrow I"m going to lớn cook your favorite food

I will sit on the swing with you

Then in the afternoon, we will watch the sunset together


Sing for me

Suddenly I want lớn hear your voice

You can sing any song

From the same day with you on the same path

Every hour drive you to lớn look around the streets

We talk for awhile

Then we say goodbye

Because once I saw you smile

My heart realized it fell in love with you

But how can I get the chance?

So maybe I have to forget

My darling

Later we will be together forever

Like a wave always crashing on the shore

Like my love is always for you

1 year later

You can give each other the ring

I declare, you two are husband & wife

This Mirinda is so good

Thank you all for your attendance

OMG, we must be present in full

We just waited for today


We have to lớn settle down before we get married

Nobody is impatient lượt thích you two

Hey, impatient what?

I have 2 babies

How many babies bởi you want?

Nhi, Mun,..





5 babies

Bao Long


Can you make a artificial insemination machine?

I"m tired

You can"t handle it?

I can"t

Wish you always happy

Thank you, Hien

If Minh Anh is here, she will be very happy

Because she waited for your wedding

This little girl

If she is here, I"m sure that she"ll give a speech about marriage và family now

Bao Long


The thing you asked of me, I"m all set

When I finish the project there, I will come back và work with you

I really appreciate your kindness

Focus on your work in America

I can handle it


Thank you

Wish you always happy

Thank you, Triet

I"m leaving now

Bye guys


Where are you going?

Good luck


It"s done

That"s all?


This is the machine I took here on the day that you và I fought against the doctor

I have studied it proficiency

It will save your brain memory to the machine, just like preserving brain

I vì not understand what you say

In general, have you copied my brain memory lớn the device?

It"s in here

And in particular, this memory will last forever

Welcome back

Hi guys

You have just finished the last episode of "Charge The Battery For The Heart ". I wonder how you feel


The journey of the long story of Robert & Minh Anh has been completed

Thank you for watching us last time

In the near future, FAPtv will have a casting for comedic actors

On the day.. What day?


On March 1, guys

Please follow the information on the..


That"s right. Please follow the information on the fanpage & quickly send your resume khổng lồ the gmail address there