Unlicensed product and activation errors in office


You have some important work to lớn do, you xuất hiện MS office, you start doingyour work & BOOM!

You see this annoying red bar on vị trí cao nhất of the MS office sayingproduct activation failed error.

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Windows & Microsoft, sometimes, give very annoying & irritating errors that cannot be solved easily.

If this is your first time seeing this type of error in an MS office và you just got worried about your MS office then don"t panic.

I"ll show you how khổng lồ fix sản phẩm activation failed office easily with stepby step guide.

It will take just a simple step process lớn fix this red bar error.

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You can fix all of these problems with the same solution sodon"tworry about it.

So let"s go through it in detail.


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Why does this error occur?

Because Microsoft Office sometimes tends to fail activation scanning andwhenever it fails khổng lồ scan the activation key for their MS Office products,you will see this error on đứng top of every MS office product.

In short, your office is not activated hence you are seeing this productactivation failed error.

You can fix this either temporarily using the first method but it will popup after some time.

So I suggest using both methods and it will definitely work without anyproblem.

I know many people are using many programs in Windows operating system forfree.

And we don"t want lớn spend money on this type of software that should be installedby defaultin our windows system.

But we can"t bởi vì anything here right now.

It is what it is.

But it"s just easy khổng lồ fix it, so don"t worry about it.

Let"s see how can we fix this error quickly.


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How khổng lồ fixProduct activation failed MS office?

There are two methods khổng lồ fix this problem.

The first method is just resetting the Ms office setting and it will workin an instant.

But it"s just a temporary solution và you will see this error again in thefuture.

The second method is activating Ms office for free.

This is actually the permanent solution and you won"t be getting any typeof error in the future regarding Ms office products.

So let"s see how khổng lồ fix product activation failed in Ms word and other Msoffice programs.

Watch the video:

Tutorial 1



This is for all ms office versions. You can buy ms office license keys on any digital license keys retailer even on amazon too.

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But for now, we need lớn activate MS office khổng lồ remove sản phẩm activation failed office 2010/2013/2016/2019 in windows 10 PC.

There are some crack programs available lượt thích KMStool to lớn activate ms office.

But I don"t recommend it because it"s not the real version or it may install unwanted services that will harm your PC.

Just buy the genuine license key and you"re safe & good with your MS office products.

You just need to mở cửa the MS office activation tab in any of the MS office products, let"s say MS word.

Then enter the license key that you are Purchased & finally Click on Activate Office.

Now just wait till it says office activated successfully.

Click on the Activation and then Activate Office.

It will start activating your MS office.

Just wait until the process finishes on its own.

You will see the successful message when the activation getscompleted.

That"s it, your problem should be fixed by now.

Method 3: Buy Latest Office 365

You can buy the all-new office 365 that comes with all the Microsoft office products on a single platform so you don"t have lớn worry about anything.

It has some new powerful tools that will enhance your office work and productivity.

Here is the Office 365 link to know about more features & the latest tools of this product.

Try it, you will love it.

Why vì you need khổng lồ activate MS office?

Because this red bar error is actually occurring due khổng lồ false activation ofthe ms office.

As the name suggests product activation failed, the office failed torecognize how it was activated & how you got your office installed in thewindows system without proper activation.

Hence, it is showing this error above every ms office product.

If you activate Ms office, you won"t get any error regarding Ms office products in the future.

Most of the work is related to lớn Ms office, of course, like ms word, excel,PowerPoint, etc.

So if you get any error in an emergency then you won"t be able to vị yourwork properly.

Hence you should activate Ms office.


The conclusion is simple either you activate your Ms office hàng hóa forbetter use and not khổng lồ have this kind of problems in the future, or just useanother software.

It"s really that simple to fix this annoying and irritating productactivation failed red bar in the MS office.