Kyosuke Kosaka is an average 17-year-old high school student. His problem is he doesn’t have a good relationship with his younger sister, Kirino, who is very cold to hyên. One morning they bump inlớn each other, causing her khổng lồ drop a bag. As he goes lớn piông xã it up, she immediately slaps his hvà away, believing she hates hyên. Soon after, Kyouske finds an anime DVD case from an anime called “Stardust Witch Meruru.

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” Inside is an eroge (erotic video game) & Kyosuke finds it odd, since the only person he could imagine it belonging to is himself. His mother enters and he does whatever he can khổng lồ hide it. During dinner, he tries lớn find out who it could belong to. It can’t be his mother, since she’s very polite. His father is strict & believes in raising his kids on a righteous path. And then we have sầu Kyosuke’s sister.

After dinner Kyosuke pretends to go outside. He goes baông chồng inkhổng lồ his room, only lớn see his sister Kirino there too. He confronts her about it, & she denies it until she finally puts her guard down, afraid of being judged. She finally reveals that anime isn’t the only thing she likes, but also eroge games. Not any eroge game will vị, she’ll only like the ones that feature little sisters in the story. The plot thickens when she tries lớn convince Kyosuke lớn play the games also, this way she has someone else lớn talk to about the story in the game. Since no one other than Kyosuke knows her true secret, and now he is pulled into her world.

Kyosuke does all this lớn make Kirino happy và lớn see a side of her that she has locked away vị to lớn her work. At one point Kyosuke’s childhood frikết thúc, Manami Tamura, gives Kyosuke advice on maybe having Kirino go to lớn online sites to find a meet up with other who have similar interests. It only makes matters worse when Kyosuke meets Saori Makishima and Kuroneko, who help Kirino delve sầu deeper into fandom.

Kyosuke also finds himself in some awkward situations that could seem perverted, but he intended to vì chưng good.

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Story: A+

Kirino has it all, she is smart, looks that got her a job as a Model at 14, a promising career but she is afraid of everyone finding out she lượt thích eroge games and anime since its considered a bad thing especially by her father. Kyosuke never had a great relationship with Kirino, but he shows his brotherly love by supporting her và leads inkhổng lồ both of them meeting new friends và experiences. Plus its hilarious seeing Kirino play her little sister themed perverted games, because in game she loves being the older brother aka onii-chan to lớn the younger sisters but when it comes to lớn Kyosuke she does a complete 180. Great supporting characters put together a great anime.

Audio: A+

Japanese audio only with English subtitles, honestly I couldn’t imagine anyone else doing Kirino, Kyosuke or Kuroneko. There are very few anime series I like listening to lớn in English & its very cost efficient khổng lồ companies to lớn vị so, so Aniplex did a great job bringing this series out.

Extras: A

The original version came with plenty of goodies, but Aniplex didn’t want to disappoint. Inside the re-release set comes a reversible slip cover, a fold out poster which also has the episode guide, a poster promoting the upcoming manga release và on each disc is a very cool designs. Inside the third disc you will also find trailers for Blue Exorcist, and Madoka Magica two other must watch anime series.


My favorite episode is right after Kirino finally meets people with a similar interests và starts hanging out with Kuroneko và Saori, she still drags along Kyosuke to lớn a Comiket-like convention (Japan’s largest Anime Convention for Doushinji’s and other anime related goods) where Kirino falls in love sầu with the convention. To this day I still want lớn go to lớn a Comiket, which now has about half a million attendees.

My biggest problem was that the series was pretty short (only 12 episodes). It aired in Japan along with 4 OVA episodes including an alternate version of episode 12. It’s not really a complaint, but the series was just that good when it came to lớn story, comedy, and animation. It’s been speculated there could be another season coming, yay! Hopefully

Also found inside the phối is a poster announcing the Ore no Imōto lớn ga Konmãng cầu ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai manga that will be coming out in September 2012 from Dark Horse Comics! Plenty of scenes not in the anime so worth reading.