Sweet home korean actress lee si young is breaking records on tiktok


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Lee mê say Young never shied away from talking about her stunning physique and her muscular body. There"s no denying that the "Sweet Home" star has jaw-dropping shoulders - this is because Lee tê mê Young workout routine includes intense routines lượt thích pull-outs, push-ups, roll tires, & rope activities.

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After gaining tons of praise and recognition for her astounding kích hoạt stunts in Netflix"s "Sweet Home," the 39-year-old actress once revealed the intense preparation she did for the kích hoạt thriller drama.

Lee đê mê Young Workout Routine, Bulking Up for "Sweet Home"

In her previous interview, several truyền thông media outlets noted that she lost weight and attended kích hoạt school before the filming session started.

"Nobody told me how much body toàn thân fat to shed, but my trainer said I have to have about 8 lớn 9% body toàn thân fat for my muscles khổng lồ show, so I started with that goal," she explained.


(Photo : Lee mê mẩn Young Instagram)

At the time, she mentioned that since some of her body is exposed to portray the role, she had lớn work out as hard as possible.

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In addition, Lee si mê Young"s diet at the time was basically eating more so she could bulk up và build muscles. The actress added that she had a rigorous diet for two weeks admitting that it was the most challenging part of the training.

In the drama, she plays an elite force firefighter named Seo Yi Kyung and among the survivors alongside song Kang, Lee vày Hyun, và Lee Jin Wook.

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Lee say mê Young Workout Includes a Ton of Powerful Exercise Routines

The "Liver or Die" actress is among a few female South Korean stars with ripped & muscular bodies.


(Photo : Lee đắm đuối Young Instagram)

Over Lee mê mệt Young"s Instagram, she usually flaunts her routines, focusing on the upper body toàn thân and strength.

There"s no denying that the 39-year-old star has jaw-dropping shoulders--this is because of her workout that includes pull-outs, push-ups, roll tires, & rope activities.

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