How To Report A Youtube Channel On Desktop And Mobile

YouTube is arguably one of the most widely used đoạn Clip streaming tiện ích in the world. You can watch tutorials to learn new things, funny videos, và even get your news. Launched in 2005, the video-based nội dung site has millions of channels you can subscribe khổng lồ. But, as with all social media these days, you may take issue with one that you come across.

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If you’ve ever found an inappropriate channel that violated YouTube’s guidelines, you probably wondered how you could help get the inappropriate content off the site. In this article, we’ll reviews the details of Channel reporting so that you can let YouTube know something is amiss.

YouTube Guidelines

YouTube’s nội dung is provided và uploaded by registered users. Anyone can register and it is because of this, the company takes a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of care khổng lồ ensure Channel owners only publish what the company deems as ‘appropriate content.’ Before you report any và every channel that you don’t lượt thích, consider YouTube’s Content Guidelines first. We’ve taken them directly from YouTube so they are current as of January 2021. Of course, they always change so kiểm tra here for updates.

Some of these guidelines are in place khổng lồ comply with local laws and regulations while other guidelines are of the company’s own preference.

To keep things in line và prevent chaos, YouTube has had a strict content policy the guidelines have sầu evolved over the years và the current version prohibits the following:

Content that is deceptive or spam

Content that is considered ‘Sensitive’

Content that is ‘Dangerous’

The sell & promotion of goods

The guidelines are somewhat vaguely defined, to give sầu YouTube some wiggle room when deciding what nội dung lớn allow on the platsize. If you need more information about one specific guideline, we’ve sầu included YouTube’s hyperlink to get you the most accurate information.

How to lớn Report a Channel on YouTube

If you’ve spotted a channel that regularly uploads inappropriate content, you should report it và help YouTube remain a safe place for all its users. Reporting a channel might have unpleasant repercussions for the owner of the offending channel, but the safety & integrity of the community should come first.

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Reporting a channel is only possible through your computer. On the di động app, reporting a đoạn Clip is your only solution, but more on that later.

Here is how you can report a channel that’s crossed the line – the steps are identical for Windows, Mac, & Linux computers.

Make sure you are signed in.Browse for the channel you wish to lớn report to lớn YouTube.Clichồng on ‘About’ in the channel heading.

When the menu expands, cliông xã on the “Report user” option on the bottom of the thực đơn.Cliông chồng the “Next” button.Once done, clichồng the “Submit” button.Navigate lớn the Channel you’d lượt thích lớn report.Tap ‘Report User.’Find the Clip you want khổng lồ report and click on it.Select the “Report” option from the drop-down menu.Click the “Next” button.Clichồng the “Report” button.Browse for the video you want lớn report.When it starts playing, tap it once more to lớn toggle the thực đơn.Piông xã the reason why you’re reporting the đoạn phim.

Stay Vigilant

YouTube is efficient about filtering out inappropriate materials, but it’s up to the users lớn let YouTube know when there is a problem they missed.. Stay safe và help keep the web’s biggest tube site safe for others.