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What type of developer are each of these IDEs aimed at? Is one IDE a superset/subset of the other? What can I bởi using one and not the other?

I"m looking to vị mostly desktop based (Windows) work for now so I believe I am correct in ignoring the Java EE download and focusing on these two.

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The comparison of features page isn"t helpful as I"m still new lớn Eclipse & Java. For example "Code Recommenders Developer Tools" means nothing lớn me yet.

Eclipse standard has been downloaded 1.7 million times và is 246MB (as at 7-Sep-13). While Eclipse IDE for Java developers has been downloaded 430,000 times and is 151MB.

So I"m guessing Eclipse Standard is the way to go, but why vị they offer the second option?

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All the other answers are more or less true, but miss the point (in my opinion), The download page states it clearly:

Eclipse Standard ... The Eclipse Platform, và all the tools needed lớn develop and debug it


Eclipse IDE for Java Developers ... The essential tools for any Java developer, including a Java IDE, a CVS client, Git client, XML Editor, Mylyn, Maven integration...

So if your focus is khổng lồ develop for Eclipse itself, the Eclipse Standard includes all what you need (including the sources of all features and plugins).

If your focus is Java development (not Eclipse plugins), you should start with the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

If your focus is Java EE development, it is simpler to lớn start with Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers & so forth ...

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The comparison page could certainly use some links, nevertheless a quick web tìm kiếm will tell you all about those plugin.

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For your needs, you might look into the "for Java Developers" package, as it contains WindowBuilder, which let"s you define GUIs visually in several frameworks.

(Code Recommenders is also nice, but I"ve personally found it a bit hit-or-miss)

However, you"re fine installing any of the packages either way, since you can always install the plugins you need later on. My recommendation is to simply read about those plugins & make an informed decision on what you should install.

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If you"re doing GUI work then you might choose the Java Developers package as it comes with WindowBuilder.

Other similar questions are:

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The difference between the eclipse downloads are just the pre-installed plug-ins.

I"d go with standard and install the plug-ims i want, but take what fits you.

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